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Interactive Motivational Coaching

Empowering people to reveal the courage to change and thrive in their lives

Every Day Determined

About Us

Anti-social behaviour, limited self-belief and lack of motivation can lead to poor education, unstable interpersonal relationships and unemployment. We aim to tackle these issues at their source using preventative measures.

We offer unique, interactive and highly motivational workshops using our tried and tested approach.  We have already empowered over 1000 individuals to transform their lives for the better in the areas of education, increased well-being and employment.

Head Held High was founded in 2013. We have run over 60 programmes working with young people at risk of exclusion, care leavers, long term unemployed, lone parents, and ex-offenders. We have unlimited scalability due to our growing team of part-time coaches who are trained in running courses remotely or in person







Credibility and ability to deliver

In 2016 Head Held High ran its dynamic and intensive “Signing Off” programme working with a large group of long term unemployed people from Enfield in partnership with the DWP.  After much action and determination, we succeeded in supporting 70% of the participants back into employment.

"I've done more this morning than I have in the last 10 years."


'Signing Off' Programme

Our Programmes

Our programmes offer a unique, interactive, and transformational approach in order to help individuals take full responsibility, stay every day determined, and break through destructive lifestyle patterns. This in turn inspires participants to achieve their life goals in education and employability, improve interpersonal skills, and find self-actualisation so that they can lead lives based on who they truly are.

Stand Up for Yourself

Stand Up for Yourself is a joyful and supportive programme focused on building confidence and courage and helping participants find the humour in life.
It's about learning to unlock creativity, to overcome fear and anxiety.


The Best You

The Best You is a behavioural change programme. We empower participants with confidence and skills so that they feel positive about themselves and their ability to succeed in life.


High Society

High Society is a weekly Zoom club for the bolder and wiser. We provide a variety of fascinating zoom sessions which include celebrity talks, virtual tours, live opera and jazz concerts, art appreciation and more.


Signing Off

“Signing Off” is an empowering 6 week programme run online or in person coaching and supporting individuals to find further training and/or employment.



In our unique Productions course, we offer young people the opportunity to express themselves in whatever form they wish to address focusing on both relevant personal and social issues. Our participants create the opportunity to reveal their true voice in whichever art form they choose from playwriting to puppeteering to spoken word or dance



Using motivational footage, personal experiences, and interactive exercises we aim to inspire and invigorate young people to want to be better, make improvements both personally and professionally, and manifest an undefeated attitude in all areas of their lives. Leaving with a newfound self-awareness, passion, and drive.


"Tash Alexander not only a career motivator but a life coach of sorts. I've never met a work mentor with such drive, positive feedback and a caring nature. It's like being with the friend you need when you are feeling lost or down."

Mark Greenhalgh

College of North East London

"This programme has helped our students who were finding it difficult to stay focused on their study programme at the Centre for Business, Art and Technology. They have built up resilience, how to focus, group work and a couple of them also found part time work."

Faith Patterson

Student Support Manager, City and Islington College