Head Held High devises motivational, interactive workshops tailored to suit the individual's needs. We provide one to one coaching, presentations and interactive group work. All of our coaches are from a creative background so the sessions are highly motivational, uplifting and target orientated. We hope to encourage people to think out of the box and inspire them to take action based on their new ideas and goals.

A taster of what we do...

Stand Up for Yourself

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A personal development, confidence and motivational course finishing with a live 5 minute stand up comedy routine in front of an audience. This course focuses on building confidence, courage and finding the humour in life. We study different types of comedy, work on self expression, presentation skills and selling oneself with confidence.  It takes courage to attempt to make an audience laugh. Once people can do this, they can achieve anything. Interviews for jobs, universities or anything that demands a bit of bottle will be a doddle after this.

Indestructible You


A 7 week course helping individuals transform their personal and professional lives for the better.  We cover areas such as breaking through negative patterns and habits, transforming aggressive behaviour and attitudes, positive communication, building self confidence to more career focused work such as discovering one's uniqueness, passions and interests, creating a winning CV, successful interview and generally becoming more proactive in a positive way. This is a very practical, interactive and target orientated course, great for people looking to get back in to work, students or young people lacking in motivation or anyone needing help with direction in life.


This is for individuals who are feeling a little tested in life whether it is from exams, pressures of unemployment, financial, personal issues or generally finding life quite a challenge. We cover areas such as: Facing distractions in life such as technology, social activities, alcohol and drug consumption, peer pressure, late nights, low motivation, no self esteem, insomnia, complacency, unhealthy eating habits and any other of life's general testing ways to tempt and sway us off a positive path.


No Gangs Land

This workshop focuses on tackling gangs and violence, through working on areas such as transforming aggressive behaviour both physical and verbal, standing strong on one's own, overcoming peer pressure and learning new patterns of behaviour. We look at personal and professional goals and the impact our actions have on the future. The young people use real life experiences and situations to work with during the session so that they can make concrete changes in their lives. This workshop is targeted at small groups of 5 to 6 individuals so that they all receive the attention they deserve. The workshop is highly interactive and personal so the individuals really start to feel the change on the inside and when that happens, their life begins to change on the outside.