Tash Alexander founded Head Held High in 2011. She has always loved working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and assisting in helping them become more proactive in their lives in the right way. As well as being a motivational coach and mentor she is a comedian, writer and actor which brings a unique flavour to her energetic and inspiring sessions.

People need to feel the change in themselves during the workshops so that they can go and put those changes into their daily lives. When we change, our relationships with people and our environment changes too.

Connecting with individuals is a priority and the positive energy of the sessions has an impact on the clients so that they leave with clarity, confidence and the will to make changes in their lives for the better.

Your course definitely inspired me to improve myself and to find a job, I could not have achieved this without your help.

Jennifer Stennett
Shaw Trust, Tottenham

I found the sessions useful, they increased my confidence to talk in front of people and to express myself. I found the style of coaching great, Tash done it in a fun and encouraging way which was also extremely supportive.

Julia Davies
College of North East London

The motivational course was great, it helped with confidence and Tash is excellent at what she does, she is a really caring person.

Nicolas Loizou
College of North East London

She grabbed the attention of the young people through her energy and humour as well as leading a highly inspiring and positive workshop. The sessions included helping the individuals break through destructive patterns and behaviour, positive communication and presentation skills. Tash set them proactive tasks to complete that coming week. The 18 to 24's felt so motivated after their first session, they asked her to come back to do more. Tash has a fresh approach and that is what our clients need to keep them hopeful and motivated.

Sandra Edwards
Employment Advisor, Finsbury Park Job Centre