Head Held High runs hard hitting and motivational, interactive workshops and one to one support for anyone who may need a bit of extra help in life. Our message is to encourage each individual to become a product of his or her true self and not be dominated by their past or their environment.
We cover areas such as breaking negative lifestyle patterns, transforming aggressive behaviour, peer pressure, overcoming obstacles and building resilience, through to more work focused sessions such as discovering one’s unique selling point, passions and interests, how to conduct a winning interview and create a successful c.v.

When we change, our environment and lives change

Our workshops are highly motivational, uplifting, interactive and target orientated so that the individual's we work with become hopeful, positive and ready to start taking the right action in their lives for their true happiness. Our coaches are all creative with a comedy or acting background so the sessions are unique in style and enjoyable.

Clients we work with...

  • Further Education
  • Secondary Schools
  • Sixth form colleges
  • NEET (Not in Education or Employment) young people
  • Job Centres: short and long term unemployed
  • Homeless
  • Lone parents
  • Youth offending teams
  • Gangs and ex gang members
  • Shaw Trust (previously CDG – Careers Development Group)
Much of the time, we wait to feel better before we do anything. We always encourage our clients to always take action no matter what their emotions are telling them to do. Head Held High truly believes that action develops conviction which builds self confidence and helps people believe the impossible can become possible.
We run one off workshops and short/long term courses tailored to your specific needs. These include: one to one support days, interactive presentations, group work and full assembly talks. We also put on inspiring and entertaining events, full of uplifting music, entertainment and motivational coaching….our vision is that the audience leave invigorated and ready to take on another day with enthusiasm and determination.
Our slogan is “Everyday determined” and that is what we aim to encourage in each person whom we work with. Head Held High aims to draw out the courage, wisdom and determination within us all. We hope to inspire people to take positive action every day and not be dominated by their past, their feelings or how much money they have in their pocket.