Head Held High runs hard hitting and uplifting, motivational workshops encouraging people to take responsibility of their lives and to take action towards their happiness in every area. Since 1999 Tash Alexander has been coaching and mentoring individual's and groups from areas such as:

  • Secondary schools
  • Youth offending teams
  • Pupil referral units
  • Connexions
  • NEET students
  • Unemployed
  • Gangs and their members
  • Back to work mums

Tash Alexander, motivational coaching at Islington Arts & Media School

Tash at Islington Arts & Media School

Working intensely in workshops or one to one sessions, we help individuals become the very best version of themselves, covering topics such as:

  • Transforming aggressive behaviour and negative patterns
  • Building self belief and confidence
  • Discovering one's passions and interests
  • Positive communication and assertive behaviour
  • Creating a winning CV
  • Conducting a successful interview
  • Being proactive personally and professionally

The focus of Head Held High is to encourage people to become a product of their true selves and not be dominated by their past or environment. We help them to possess a firm belief that they are able to deal with anything, no matter what life may throw at them. Together we work to transform their lives for the better.


We explore using every challenge that comes our way to bring out our strength, determination and conviction in who we are and to reveal our true potential. All the while never getting knocked down so that we are able to continue to walk with our head held high, come what may.

Tash Alexander not only a career motivator but a life coach of sorts. I've never met a work mentor with such drive, positive feedback and a caring nature. It's like being with the friend you need when you are feeling lost or down.

Mark Greenhalgh
College of North East London